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Avril 26, 2024
always tasty, great for takeout or eating at the restaurant

Mars 31, 2024
Excellent, as always!

Mars 27, 2024
The meal was good and hot as I expected.

Mars 16, 2024
Delicious food as always.

Mars 07, 2024
Excellent dish of tofu and eggplants !

Février 12, 2024
Very good as a first time trial. Would definitely go back and recommend it to anyone.

Février 09, 2024
We had fried rice, green beans with pork, and udon noodles with beef. Delicious. Long wait which might have been exacerbated because of Chinese New Year.

Février 05, 2024
greatly enjoyed by all. will come again for sure! thank you!!

Février 02, 2024
The food was delicious and plentiful. Will order or eat there again. The staff were super nice and helpful.

Février 01, 2024
I'm not sure if Hong Mere was just having an off night, but the food we ordered was in NO way as good as previous visits. Our meat dishes: General Tao Chicken & Orange Beef were almost impossible to tell apart. Same red sauce on both. Beef was a bit rubbery. My favourite dish, Singapore Fried Noodles - usually bright yellow and savoury, was watery and lacklustre. It was still edible and we were hungry so did not return it, but I was quite disappointed because the food is usually amazing. What happened??