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Juin 20, 2022
Very disappointed you no longer deliver. Also, we had asked for everything to be extra spicy, but the spice levels were pretty low. In general, though, the food was tasty.

Juin 20, 2022
loved this dish! so delicious

Juin 09, 2022
Excellent service, friendly, and the meal is delicious!

Mai 27, 2022
Excellent food!

I do however have a criticism about the fish aquarium. It's really sad to see so many fishes in a aquarium that doesn't even have a plant or a rock. It's well known that fishes like to hide and it's boring enough to be trapped in a bowl, if you don't even have any decoration... please add some rock or plant for their happiness.

Thank you!

Mai 23, 2022
Bonne quantité et tout était frais. Merci

Mai 18, 2022
Although last time was a tiny bit bland, this time it was DELICIOUS! thank you so much for your food and service

Mai 18, 2022
Awesome. Delicious. Tried non spicy things with an 8 yr old and she approved! (House fried rice, wonton soup, veg rolls).

Mai 15, 2022
It was very good, however I made a special note no Bell peppers for the salt and pepper tofu but it was ignored.

Mai 02, 2022
Toujours aussi bon ! Merci Hong mere !

Avril 29, 2022
Super fast service great flavors on 2 of three dishes. Cantonese noodles were really Singapore noodles and quite spicy...