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Mars 04, 2021
Les rouleau sur le menue c'est indiqué 2 . J'ai eu 1 rouleau seulement. Le pad thai c'était vraiment horrible aucun rapport avec les photos du menue sur leur cite, pas de germes de haricots, pas de coriandre fraîche, et pas d’arachides je déconseille à qui conque de commander chez eux

Février 27, 2021
Excellent as usual. On time, hot, delicious, great quality takeout.

Février 26, 2021
C'est très bon merci!

Février 26, 2021
I'm used to order with Hong Mere. But I found the soup not as tasty as usual.
Otherwise peanut butter dumplings and the imperials rolls were very good.

Février 22, 2021
My first order was fantastic! My second, not so much. I think they have a different chef on Sunday because Friday's chef was amazing.
The Chicken fried Rice wasn't really fried: the rice hit the frying pan for 1 minute, not more. So the flavor was bland and it was totally the wrong consistency.
The Chicken 5 Spices was great the first time. This time it was bland, gooey texture and had more chunks of onion than chicken!
The Wonton Soup was the best I'd ever had! This time, just tasted weird.
Loved loved the Crispy Sesame Beef! So what happened to the "crisp"? The sauce was gooey and there was more breading than beef. Huge disappointment. I thought I'd found the Best Chinese. I'll give them 1 more try before I lose their number.

Février 21, 2021
As always, the best in the southwest!

Février 12, 2021
Great food, good portions, prompt delivery. I have found a Chinese restaurant I will be going back to!

Février 12, 2021
Best Chinese food

Février 10, 2021
I wish that they had called or texted me when it was ready. My food was prepared and waiting for me before the estimated time of pick-up, and therefore, I ate a lukewarm meal :(

Février 06, 2021
The food was delicious--nice and spicy. You're definitely our favourite Chinese-food restaurant!